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Monday, October 07, 2013

Scenes from the elk hunt

Mike's Elk
 This year we got lucky and found the elk on our first day of hunting.  We hiked up into the alpine and camped and then the next day we had elk down before noon.  We all fully realize that this is not the way it usually happens.  Last year we put in a hard week of hunting and well over 60 miles of hiking and did not get an elk.  So we'll take 'lucky' and a full freezer.

Still the perfect hunt would be 4 days of hiking and camping and then a guaranteed elk by the beach on the 5th day.  But when hunting nothing is guaranteed - ever.  And after 2 weeks of archaeological survey I was SO ready to go home early.  I've never been happier with a quick elk hunt.  Patrick

All the meat once we finally got it to the boat

Searching for elk - this year it did not take us long to find them!

Half the meat is inside the electric fence - the rest is on our backs

And this load is nothing - earlier John carried his camping gear, a hind quarter, and a front quarter all in one load for 3/4 of a mile down to the electric fence

The Refuge is a beautiful place to hunt for elk

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