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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Work Happenings

The past several months have been busy ones at A Balanced Approach. Last weekend was the semi-annual class reunion, which was very fun. There were 10 moms and babies in attendance....youngest one was 1 month, oldest was 10 months. The birthing class reunions are nice conclusion to the classes, as everyone can see the other babies and when pregnant women attend, it gives them a chance to learn about other women's birth experiences in Kodiak.
Nora and Stuey were in attendance for this one--Nora had fun playing with the little babies. I"ll look forward to the next reunion sometime in November or January.

I'm adding another class to the fitness line up at A Balanced Approach, which is due to start in September. It is a full body, group weight training class. Participants have their own bar, step and plates of weights. I'm super excited about it, because its similar to a circuit class in that people can get a full body weight workout guided by an instructor (with music to keep it fun!!). THe trainer from Alaska Club in Anhorage is coming over in 3 weeks to do the training with instructors for it.

Because of the equipment and space necessary for the class, I"ve decided to move the birthing classes to our garage. It is in the remodel process. I posted a BEFORE picture. The painting has begun and it is already looking much better. I"ll be putting throw carpets and professional mats on the floor along with throw pillows for moms to sit on the floor on. Its all coming together and by the time the classes start, my hope is that it is inviting, warm and cozy. It will be great to have a dedicated space for the birthing class, where equipment won't have to be set up and taken down. Stay tuned for the AFTER photos.... :)

Also new is that Julie M. who is an RN and a childbirth educator is teaching the classes. This has freed up my Thursday nights for the summer (and indefinitely!)! Julie is a friend of mine and is enrolled in a program to be a certified nurse midwife. She knows all the ins/outs of hospital birth policies and also brings the holistic/natural approach to birth, as she has had both hospital and home births herself! She does lots of fun interactive activities and keeps the class fun. Its been so fun to have her on board at A Balanced Approach!

So, needless to say, its been BUSY. The weight equipment sits unopened in boxes in a pile in the back of the fitness room--a rack waiting to be assembled. All of the birthing class sits in boxes in the unfinished garage. But I know that in 2 weeks time, things will gradually fall into place and there will be new fitness classes at A Balanced Approach and birthing classes in a fun, new location!!



Akensee4miles said...

Look at all those babies! You're Kodiak's own kinder-gardener. Nice work Zoya.

Becca and Jason said...

Exciting happenings, Zoya! I have to say I did a little cheer to see that Julie will be teaching classes! She's going to be awesome!!!