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Monday, July 25, 2011

To the Mainland and Back

Last night the kids and I made it home from a 1 week trip to Anchorage and Homer. I've had the ferry ticket booked since April and I have been looking forward to going on a mainland road trip. We left on the Tusty ferry and slept all night on it. Nora was so thrilled to not get sea sick, as she often does. The crossing was almost completely flat--very little swell. When we arrived in homer we stopped for breakfast at my parents place then drove on to Anchorage to see friends and family and do fun kid stuff.

More pics and details to come later, just wanted to share some of the highlights...

The deck of the Tustemena as we pulled away from Kodiak. It was a gorgeous evening with temps in the high 60's.

The kids and I on deck the following morning in the Solarium as we pulled into Homer.

My friends Meghan (left) and Julie (right)-we went out for dinner at Sacks, a fun restaurant downtown.

Doulas of Anchorage! My friend Elke coordinated a doula hour so I could meet 2 other Anchorage doulas. These are women whose websites I've seen so it was so great to meet them!! What wonderful women they are. It was lovely to talk shop with other doulas!

Ice creams at the park. The ice cream truck accepted credit or debit card! Isn't that wild! I can't quite wrap my mind around the concept of using credit card for ice cream truck, so I paid the $3 in cash.


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