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Monday, July 04, 2011

Exploring on Afognak

The highlight of our Afognak trip for me was exploring with the kids and Patrick. There are animal trails all over along the coast. After getting the water, the next trip was to look at the beaches along the coast and find the petroglyphs. Stuey is quite the little trekker. He would forge ahead of Patrick, and a few times Patrick would say, I can't find Stuey--got to go catch up with him. He would just go and go and go. I think he has the makings of a good Afognak elk hunter perhaps...and he wasn't intimidated by the Devils Club brush. He just pushed it aside and kept on walking.

Nora and I would hang in the back of the pack and take our time. I had to push aside the devils club brush for her! :)

Finding the Petroglyphs was very cool-it was a small batch way up high on a section of rocks that is only exposed at low tide. That is my first time seeing such a batch of striking petroglyphs.


Walking along the coast at low tide.
Nora drew one of the petroglyphs upon returning to camp after seeing them.
The petroglyphs.
Dory knees---50+ years ago, people cut the bottom curves of the trees to make boats with. They are called Dory the cutouts from the trees remain. Stuey liked standing in them.

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