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Sunday, July 03, 2011

Afognak Camp Life

Camping on Afognak was a blast. We've wanted to go to Afognak for a camping trip for several years but with weather and schedules, had a tough time making it happen. This 4th of July weekend, the weather cooperated and we took a float plane up to a Lipsett point, which had a beach on each side of it (see picture!). We camped in the spruce forest on the point and could see each beach from the camp site. There was a fox walking around the point, so we set up the electric fence at night. Stuey was very curious about the electric fence and couldn't resist touching it. Boys, boys, boys...he laughed and thought it was funny.

Upon arriving there, Patrick set up the tents, then we went trekking through the woods on an animal trail for water. About 1/2 hour later, we found a stream that Patrick was pleased with. He filled up his 6 gallon water jug, put it on the backback and we made out way back to camp. I loved the adventure of searching for water...this is something Patrick is used to doing on surveys, but I"ve never been on a remote camping trip like this with Patrick.

I was glad to be able to redeem myself with Patrick for not being a total powder puff camper. We brought a full size blow up air mattress, but we didn't inflate it...mainly out of laziness on my part. There was nice soft moss under our tent and I slept great. Patrick set up a tent for the kids, a tent for us and a cook tent, which is a tee-pee with a stove in the middle and a smoke stack for the smoke. It is a light little number he brings on his archaeology surveys. The tee-pee rocked--especially when it was raining outside. We could sit around the fire, stoke the fire, cook our food on it. I am in love with the camp stove.

The large beach on one side of Lipsett point had loads of driftwood and the kids started to make a driftwood fort. Had our trip not been cut short by Patrick's medical semi-emergency, the kids would have had some serious play time in it. There will be lots more family camping trips spent on this little spot on Afognak Island!


Stuey and I in the cook tent.
Stuey watching the float plane leave after it dropped us off.
Lipsett point on Afognak Island.
Inside the cook tent.
Beginnings of a driftwood house.

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