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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sheep Hunt Preparations

Pretty soon Gregg and I plan to head off on a Dall Sheep hunt in the Brooks Range in Northern Alaska. We do not know much about Dall Sheep hunting so I doubt we'll bring back a sheep but hopefully we'll learn something and maybe we will bring back a caribou. I'm really looking forward to just hiking and exploring a part of Alaska I have never experienced before. I first came to Alaska in 1985 but I still have never gone hiking in the Interior. The only parts of the state I have ever explored are the Aleutians, the Alaska Peninsula, and Kodiak. So this will be completely new. Heck I've never even been north of the Arctic Circle - even when I worked on Baffin Island in the East Arctic.

Today I checked out the new stove and mosquito netting we'll be using in the small tent we hope to live in. The stove and tent weigh about 4 pounds total combined weight. And I am very happy with how roomy it is inside there. The stove cranked and Stuey and I even boiled a pot of water on top of the stove. Gregg and I plan on saving weight by taking along very little in the way of fossil fuels and relying on the wood stove to cook our meals. I was worried about the mosquito netting but it is quite simple to use and ought to keep us sane if the bugs are really bad.

Anyhow, the kids REALLY liked the tent and want to sleep in it. Stuey like planning out where Gregg and I would sleep and where we would have our 'kitchen'. Patrick

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