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Thursday, August 21, 2014

The 'salad days' are behind us

The garden is starting to die.  It's producing better than ever, but things are starting to bolt or fall over and turn yellow.  Every year it seems like it takes forever for the garden to start growing (May/June), then it's neat and tidy and looking good for a few weeks (late July), then comes the 'lush' stage when the weeds start to take over (early August), and now the decline.  I always think of it as sort of like the stages of an empire.  Right now I'd compare our garden with Rome in maybe AD 350.  The Vandals are on the horizon!

Lately we have been eating carrots and potatoes like crazy.  In years past I always sort of saved the potatoes until they were completely mature.  But this year I decided that 'new' potatoes are just so darned good that it's a waste to let them mature.  New potatoes are sweet and like nothing you can buy in a store.  Add some butter and parsley and you have achieved culinary heaven.

Ironically, despite the title of this post, our salad greens are still doing GREAT - green and cold.


Lots of carrots!

The peas have fallen over and are turning yellow

Kale is still doing strong - but one tried to bolt

Aphids on a fireweed stalk

Our black pack on a walk in Abercrombie

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