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Friday, January 29, 2016

Snow and Ice

I swear there is a patch of blue sky above

The 2 last days here on Kodiak have been gorgeous - brilliant sunshine and very little wind.  A brilliant day to be be out and about in the mild weather.  And yet on the mountain the skiing is terrible - Pyramid is mantled with a big sheet of ice.  Clear skies mean freezing temperatures at night.

Prior to the recent sunshine, I've been battling the elements during my daily climb up the mountain for my afternoon ski.  Rain, snow and screaming winds have been the norm.  And yet the skiing has often been great - as long as you could see where you were going.  Nasty weather generally means warm temperatures and soft snow.

Now if we could just get one of those days where there is BOTH soft powder and sunny skies . .. ... 

Looking pretty clear

Oh well, at least it's snow and not rain

Soft snow and low vis

Kodiak Boilerplate - but excellent visibility and even blue skies!

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