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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

40 and raining, and writing

Its perpetually 40 and raining here in Kodiak but I'm making the most of it by writing a lot, work and park walks with the dogs. And playing basketball on the muddy court out front with Stuey.

Patrick wants me to write on the blog more~ i can tell. He says, so kindly, with sparkly blue eyes, "Zoya, I put photos for you to write about on the blog". I tell him that yes, I"ll write about them soon, but I don't.

This past summer, fall and now winter, I've been a blog disappointment. Its not that I haven't been writing, it just hasn't been on the blog.

I'm on week 2 of 5 of a Creative Non-Fiction writing boot camp class. I write 3, 300 word passages a week as well as one passage closer to 1000 words. And read/respond to classmates work.

It'd be an understatement to say I'm captivated-I love it. The classmates come from all walks of life-are mostly female (1 poor male soul in the group), from all over the country but all share a love for writing. At first our teacher struck me as someone who might be too modern or edgy for my liking, but from the feedback she has given thus far-she gets us as writers.

The bootcamp gives different writing prompts and stories unfold which I didn't even know were inside of me.  Moments in my childhood, life which I want to capture and explore.  When I get home from work I excitedly log into the computer to see what my classmates have written.

I'm trying to resist the urge to take another class this spring. I'll hold off and just focus on the blog and newspaper articles. Its been over a month since I've written for the paper as well.

And this picture was taken by a new friend, Emmy, who is renting our house next door. SHe likes dogs and we had fun in Ft. Abercrombie!


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