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Friday, January 01, 2016

New Years 2016

This morning in the dark rain and high winds (blowing 50 sustained with gusts to 60) we trekked a bit  up Monashka Mountain to a spot to cook camp breakfast. Patrick set up a tee pee and we nestled inside and cooked breakfast, hot cocoa and apple cider.

Part of the excitement for me was trying out my christmas gift from Patrick-an MSR reactor to boil large quantities of water in. As I told my girl fiend on the hike back to the car about the gift-I feel like I have 'arrived'. 

"What do you mean?" My friend asked.

"Patrick never would've given me that as a gift 10 years ago. I'm much more into the outdoors than I used to be-especially with girl scouts"

The reactor worked wonderfully to boil up cups of water in just a couple of minutes! And together we cooked up polenta, thai curry, chicken and dumplings & shepards pie...all yummy freeze dried meals. 

Bellies were full, hearts were warm and it felt good to start 2016 outside with friends and family! 

I'm thankful for friends who are up for a hike, no matter what the weather!


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