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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Etiquette Dinner with Troop #118

Sue and Coral serving the fruit kabob appetizers

group photo
 This evening my girl scout troop enjoyed an "Etiquette dinner" where we learned the ins and outs of table manners.

The idea came to me after visiting my in-laws last November where I realized I hadn't ever formally taught Nora and Stuey formal table manners. In reflection, i remember learning many of my table manner basics at sleep over summer camp. On one of the final nights of camp the leader showed us how to set a formal table and use the utensils correctly.

The dinner was complete with fruit/cheese/veggie kabob appetizers, martinilis sparkling cider, salad, rice, chicken parm and jello parfait cups. The parfait cups were such a delight for the scouts.

The girls shared their family etiquette traditions and together we ate with most of our elbows off the table, took bite size portions, put our fork and knive across our table when we were done with our meals....and most importantly~they tried a bite of everything and didn't comment if they didn't like something.

It will be fun to have this dinner as an annual troop tradition-something a little formal and fun!


say "fruit salad!"

setting the table together

Dessert! Woo-hoo!

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