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Monday, December 15, 2014

This Year's Christmas Tree

Last week Stuey and I harvested this year's Christmas tree, and carried it home.  It's not the biggest tree that we've ever had but it is symmetrical and bushy.  Yesterday at Nora's insistence we decorated it as a family.  Zoya and I had intended just to watch the kids decorate but Nora did not want to decorate alone with Stuey.

So we all decorated the tree together.  It was nice to find all the old decorations - the same ones we put on the tree year after year.  In the past we often wrote the yearly events on the new for the year decoration.  There was a sad moment when we found the one from 2003 when Katie the dog died and we welcomed Roxy dog to the family.  Roxy passed away last year.  Time is passing.


Zoya reads the 'Katie Dog bone decoration' - the one that welcomes Roxy to the family.

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