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Monday, December 22, 2014

Solstice moments

Yesterday was an extra special winter solstice.

As the sun was rising at 10:20 ish, I drove out the road with my girlfriend Elise to walk Kalsin Beach. We stopped for coffees at Java F. and drove on for about 1/2 hour, catching up on life. The tide was high, and frost coated all the grass alongside the beach. The light of the sky and ocean was even more appreciated since it has been rainy and dark with almost no snow this winter.


Later in the evening our family went to dinner at Erica V's house and her kids and our kids played together as Erica and I attempted making a loaf of Stollen. (In the end it didn't turn out, but we sure gave it our best try!) Erica made a Shepards pie with Goat meat for dinner...perfect winter solstice soul food!

Erica and I trying to decipher the recipe...did they mean 2 eggs or 10 eggs? :)

 Erica requested that we bring 10-20 pictures from 2014 to share in a slideshow fashion, and after dinner we all looked at the family pictures together on their TV from the Computer. The kids picked out some photos as well and it was fun to see which photos they got excited about. I liked the slideshow format--makes me want to do more slideshows with friends to learn about their trips, adventures, life moments.


When we got home and putting kids to bed, my friend Heather texted, who is visiting from Wyoming. She heard there was Northern Lights and wondered if I'd be up for going out the road to check them out. I definitely was up for it! We drove out to the base of North Sister and saw a glow int he sky, as well as a few vertical bars of light. The sky was so clear and it was wonderful to see the stars and galaxies so crisply.

Heres to the return of the light....and hopfeully snow, too! :)


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