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Wednesday, December 03, 2014

My favorite photos of 2014

This morning I looked back through all my photos from 2014 and picked out my favorites.  I did this last year too (click here for post) and I've found the exercise interesting and helpful.  For one thing, many of what I thought were my 'favorites' when I took them no longer interest me while I also found some under-appreciated sleepers.  The exercise is helpful because it forces me to critically examine my own work.  Knowing what works and what does not will make me a better photographer.

This year one theme I tried hard to capture is the Sitka spruce forest understory.  And I finally think I captured it in the image above.  This was my favorite photograph of the year.  I also captured it pretty well in the 9th picture where I used the HDR feature on my point and shoot to catch the light glinting through the trees.  HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and the camera takes 3 pictures at different exposures and then combines them into one photo.  The different exposures means the brights aren't washed out and there are details in the dark areas - the image has a 'higher dynamic range'.

Anyway, in general, I must admit I do not like my pictures from this year as much as my best from last year.   My landscapes have suffered a bit - I think I have been trying to make my panoramic images too wide.  I think I need to focus them in a bit.  For instance, in the bottom photo of the Sturgeon River I think it would have been a better photo if it was less wide because it would focus more attention on the loops of the river.  The loops get lost when the pan is so all encompassing.


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Molly Odell said...

Awesome! My favorites are the one of the tree, the hunting silhouette, and the boat.