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Thursday, December 04, 2014


This morning as I took a bath, Nora sat on a little stool in the bathroom and studied me and drew this portrait. I took it to work and hung it up. 

Tonight was a  productive Thursday night where we moved Stuey to a bigger bedroom…a guest room which has a bunk bed in it. He's been requesting it for months and tonight after work I rolled up my sleeves and took the lead with it. He's thrilled to be sleeping up high; the only bummer is that he can't use Tank as a pillow anymore.

To catch up on kid quotes…

Stuey from the top bunk, "How many quarts is this? Jumping off this bed?"
"Quarts?" I replied.
"No, no, I mean pints" Stuey says.
"Oh you mean feet!" I correct.

"Mom, you know the cool thing about Adelia? She's graceful and yet on the elk hunt she shot the biggest elk!" Nora- as she and I were making cookies. The day before we went to the Isle Bells concert where Adelia played bells beautifully!

"But the Wis-kin has 42 points?" Stuey, when watching his first Wisconsin Badgers Game.

"Who are you voting for?" Stuey when deciding which team to root for.

"I didn't read all of it because my eye bulbs were so tired" Stuey at end of night ready for bed.


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