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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Kincaid with the kids

After Christmas we left the dogs on Kodiak and went for a quick trip to Anchorage.  We stayed at a hotel with a pool and I was amazed at the number of families also at the hotel.  It seems Anchorage is a popular spot for 'bush Alaskans' to visit post Christmas.  All us rural folk visiting the big city to shop and visit.  I'll leave all the shopping, visiting, theatre going, and eating for another post, and talk about the highlight of my trip - the visit to Kincaid Park with Nora and Stuey.

While we were in Anchorage I went for a cross-country ski every morning.  I was loving the time on snow.  And every morning I saw all the other families out skiing on the trails. I kept on thinking, 'uh oh, am I a 'bad dad'? And 'If I don't get them skiing they might never like skiing.' To our credit we tried to get Nora and Stuey into some ski classes but they were all full.

So I on the last day I decided I'd go it alone and took them to Kincaid Park.  I had visions of tears and high speed wipeouts on the hills.  But their time on skiis on Kodiak lakes and at the Bear Valley Golf Course translated VERY well to the groomed ski trails of Kincaid. I was impressed with their confidence.  We went for a 45 minute tour and they did not want to quit at the end.  What was I worried about?

Ironically, I forgot my ski boots and during our tour I had to run along after the kids in my shoes.  In Anchorage the ski crowd does NOT like pedestrians, dogs and bikers trespassing onto the ski only trails and I was a little worried I'd get busted.  To my credit I did stick to the edges, and did not post hole at all.  And we mostly skiied ungroomed trails.  But for a while there I was 'one of those people' - the ones that bring a collective eye roll to the Anchorage ski community.

But it was worth the eye rolls because Nora and Stuey had a great time.  Cross country skiing on groomed trails is something we will be doing a lot more of during future visits to Anchorage.  That and signing up for Hillside downhill ski lessons BEFORE we leave Kodiak.


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