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Monday, May 31, 2010

Salmon for the canning

This weekend part of the plan had been to go up to Afognak, camp and setnet for fish. But the weather was too ugly and we all stayed home. Every morning Nora asked with a wishful tone if we were going 'to 'Fognak'. But it was not to be.

On Sunday afternoon Mike showed up with nine Red Salmon to can. On Saturday, he had still managed to go to Afognak with another friend and catch almost 60 red salmon! And then he came by with some bounty to share. The funny thing about it is that he LOVES to catch fish while I really don't. On the other hand he is less than enthused about chasing after deer and elk while I'm a rabid hunter. We both love to eat fish and meat so I guess it all works out. We share and share alike.

So after a busy evening of canning I now have a cupboard full of canned salmon. And the eagles have the scraps we threw over the cliff.


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