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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Crab Fest Weekend

It's raining. As everyone knows, It always rains for Kodiak annual Memorial Day celebration - Crabfest. But everyone from Kodiak also knows that a little rain doesn't hurt anything. People who can't take a little rain do not last long on Kodiak. And this year the celebration actually started out with a little sun.

Meanwhile, our kids LOVE Crabfest. Nora puts it up there with Christmas and birthdays in importance as a yearly event. Food and rides, and lots and lots of people. And given that it is Kodiak - everyone knows everybody else.

The kids loved the kiddie train and the spinning apples. Nora went on more of a grown up ride with Patrick-the flying swings.
This year there was a new booth, "CRAZY HAIR"...which all the teens LOVED. there was some wild hair sprayed, painted dos running around! See photo of the Lions Club guy who got his beard done up for the occasion. Yesterday we enjoyed all things deep fried...banana fritters, dough boys, bruin burger...I went to bed with hopes that I wouldn't wak up sick, and fortunately I didn't. Its a good thing Crab fest happens only once a year!


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My Little Family: said...

You all made me homesick. I remember the year it was sunny and warm and people got sunburned!