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Monday, May 24, 2010

Playing Hookey

This past weekend I was destined for Anchorage for a 3 day manual therapy class (one that I had taken in the past but wanted a refresher). When I boarded the plane in Kodiak, it was rainy and foggy here. Anchorage was a whole different story. It was gorgeous. The sun was out, it was warm (by Alaska standards--a balmy 55 deg) and I just couldn't picture sitting inside a class all day. I was torn. One one hand, I felt so loyal to the class I've signed up for and I've never completely skipped a class (since college, I should clarify).
On the other hand, I needed a day off. The weeks before were incredibly busy with work, Patrick gone, 2 doula clients, Nora's dance recital. My energy batteries needed a recharge.

I slept in, went for hikes with friends, saw the documentary, "Babies", ate yummy falafels and thai food...the weekend couldn't have been better. The weather was sunny and gorgeous.

There were a few pangs of guilt about not taking the class throughout the weekend. I am a responsible person who never skips class, but I had to follow my intuition which believed that a few days off would be MUCH more beneficial than taking a class indoors.

While I was gone, Nora learned how to ride her bike, which is so exciting. The other day as I had my hand on her back helping guide her, she said, "Let go, mamma. Let go!". It is so easy for her to say, but hard for me to do.

Now back in Kodiak, the weather is improved from what it was. And Aunt Kathy and Uncle Roger are visiting from Florida-which has been fun. Pictures to come!


Patrick and I upon his return from the petroglyph "hunt". I loved how grubby he was--with the dirt on his forehead. A true archaeologist.
My sister Bonnie, brother in law Todd at their house in Anchorage.

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