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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bike Races

This weekend Zoya is off enjoying the high life in Anchorage while I take care of the kiddos and pooches on Kodiak. Today Nora learned how to ride the pedal bike. This is a HUGE step up from the run bike (what Stuie is riding in the photos). Now she can pedal up hills. It started in the morning when Stu and Nora would race back to the house down the driveway (see photos). By days end she rode the bike all the way to Abercrombie (with a helmet). One scary moment at the end of our road when she got going too fast and almost crashed into the creek. But she was back up in no time and on the bike again as if nothing had happened. I did not ride a bike by myself until I was 6 or 7 (I'm embarrassed to admit I think it was actually 7).

Note too that Nora has now appropriated my old Alutiiq Museum cap as her own. She told me, 'Daddy now you need to buy yourself a new hat'. I love the tomboy look - check out the photo of her and Stuie standing with their bikes like they are old pros. Patrick

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