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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

That and This

The kids halloween costumes arrived and they were eager to try them on. Patrick and I have decided to host our annual halloween party again this year, which we haven't done in 5 years. 

The Elk hunters returned home last weekend exhausted, and without any elk. They were disappointed, I could tell.
They only thing they were "processing" was the fact that they didn't have meat to process. Patrick said they covered nearly 60 miles of territory, leaving no rock unturned.

I think that Elk hunting is a lot like hunting for a needle in a haystack. I've never been on a hunt, but judging from their stories and pictures, sure seems like a lot of luck or being in the right spot or the right time.

And boy were the guys tired. WOW. They all seemed just physically spent. Took a few days for patrick get his spunk back.

And a sidenote, boy is it FUN to cook breakfast for guys after a hunt! They are so hungry and appreciative of a good meal. It is quite gratifying to prepare a meal and have them take seconds and third helpings of pancakes, waffles, eggs. I think my next job needs to be a chef at hunting lodge!

Below are some pictures that Nora and Stuey took upon the return of the elk hunters. They had fun with our point and shoot cameras.


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