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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Answering the Tough Questions

When driving Nora to dance class this evening, she asked me in one breath- "Mom, what are drugs? And where do babies come from?" Wow. To try to answer those questions in a matter of a few minutes....I did my best. 

My response to drugs was something along lines of "things that people do or take that make them feel good but its really not good for them." I said, "Does that clear it up?" She thought and replied, "No". Time for me to google "how to talk to your kid about drugs..."


Patrick has been doing archaeology field work this week and took this picture of Barometer. 

Today he also gave a talk today at the American Fisheries Society Meeting. It was to 250 people on Alutiiq fishing through the ages.....he is glad to not have to practice for it anymore. 

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