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Sunday, June 06, 2010

My Heart Smiled...Birthing Class Reunion

Yesterday was the second annual birthing class reunion. I had a blast. It was neat to look around the room and see all the cute little babies....(8 of whom I was there as a doula when they came into the world!!). I wasn't sure how this reunion would go-as I decided to combine all the classes from the past year into one reunion gathering. It worked really well-people mingled, saw each others babies and I think several people met new people there as well. About 1/4 of the total birthing class attendees attended, which was a great turnout!

The party was definitely worthwhile to host--I think it is so fun to see the different ages of all the babies and toddlers. The parents with older ones looked at the newborns and thought, "Oh my gosh, my little one used to be that small!". The parents with the newer ones had a chance to see the types of skills which their infants would be doing in a matter of months. The whole development continuum was represented.
(Also, I realized how "cool" everyone there is! I know that sounds cheesy, but it is a group of REALLY incredible people. People who are such wonderful, caring parents.)

One dad commented that he felt like it was "Speed Dating" for his little 6 month boy. He could bring his boy quickly around to all the little girls and see which ones he smiled at. We got a good laugh out of this!

And I was amazed at how quiet it was for having close to 20 infants and young children (siblings) in the house! There was virtually no crying or yelling. pretty unbelievable.

A couple of my Coast Guard doula clients mentioned how they are hoping to have a second child while they are stationed here in Kodiak so they can have another great birthing experience here at the hospital, which was fun to hear. And they said that way they could have the same doula, too! So fun! Its probably just a matter of time before round 2 of little babies begins! :)

I believe that a role of the childbirth educator is provide chance for reconnection and reunion with others from the birthing class. Even if its something simple 2X a year. For those folks who want to see others from the classes, its such a simple event to put together and so fun, too! The two hours literally made my heart smile.


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Sue and Brian said...

It was a great party Zoya! Thanks again! I know at least one Mama with an older baby who's ovaries twinged a bit at seeing those tiny little ones! :) Here's hoping round two isn't too far off!