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Friday, June 04, 2010

Garden Planted

In the old days, before we had a blog, Zoya and I used to keep a 'garden book' where we put a plan view of each year's garden, showing what was planted where, and pasted pictures to show how it all came out. Now with the blog I can do it all online! I realize that the pictures are not all that exciting, but later in the summer (or next year) I will be able to look back and go, 'wow, barely anything was up in early June'.

I finished putting in the garden on Tuesday when I planted the brocoli and kale starts along with the leeks, basil, and swiss chard that Stacy S gave me (thank you Stacy!). While planting I noticed that the potatoes I planted a month earlier are finally peaking thru the lawn clipping mulch (top photo). It is funny but only the seed potatoes that I salvaged while turning the beds have come up - the store bought seed potatoes are still dormant.

Anyway, the second and third photos show some of the herbs I planted in halibut totes (cilantro, parsley, and swiss chard) and in pots inside the house (Stacy's basil - and rosemary and thyme). The fourth photo is of my far raised bed and is seeded with a variety of lettuce in the front, and brocoli and kale starts in the back. The bottom photo is of the near raised bed and is seeded with radishes (front), carrots (middle), and mustard greens (back). Later I put in the leeks at the front and back that Stacy gave me. I planted mustard greens and radishes because they come up so quick, and are a good source of greens. I actually don't really like radishes but the greens are GREAT and are ready within 2-3 weeks after planting! By the time the leeks get big both the radishes and mustard greens will be gone.

Anyway, that's my garden this year. I can't wait to see what it looks like in late July!


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